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6 latest social media algorithms update 2023. What’s New?

6 latest social media algorithms update 2023. What's New?


The hidden factor that affects what information you see in your news feed on social media is a set of algorithms. Keeping up with all the changes might be challenging because they are frequently updated. However, knowing how these algorithms function is critical if you want more people to read your posts.

This post will review some of the most recent algorithm updates for 2023. We'll discuss the six well-known social media networks Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube. We'll also go over content optimization for these new algorithms.

1. Instagram new update:

Reels Trending Hub:

With the help of this new tool, users can keep track of the sounds, tags, and topics that are currently trending on Instagram Reels.

Updates for video editing: 

Instagram recently improved its video editing tools to make it simpler for creators to produce Reels of outstanding quality.

Change in Carousel Algorithm:

Carousel posts are now listed lower in the feed on Instagram. More engaging content is now more likely to appear higher in the feed.

Merge Creator Studios: 

Instagram now has one app after combining its Creator Studio and Business Suite applications. This simplifies account management and analytics tracking for creators.

2. Facebook new update:


Facebook has introduced Reels, its own take on the popular video-sharing app. Short, vertical videos can be made with this function and shared with followers and friends.


Highlights is a new feature that Facebook has introduced that enables users to bookmark their most memorable Stories to their profiles. Users can now share their Stories with a larger audience more easily as a result.


The Groups function on Facebook has undergone improvements that make it simpler for users to locate and join groups that interest them.


The Messenger app from Facebook underwent modifications that made it simpler for users to interact with relatives and close friends.
latest social media algorithms changes
latest social media algorithms changes

3. Twitter new update:

The recommendation algorithm's source code:  

In keeping with Elon Musk's pledge, Twitter has made the source code for its recommendation system available. Developers may then make solutions to help people get the most out of Twitter by seeing how the algorithm functions.

Tweets with merely a URL: 

Twitter has said that it will no longer prioritize these tweets in the feed. This implies that links-only tweets will be less likely to appear at the top of the stream.

New Communities Features: 

Twitter has introduced a variety of new Communities features. These capabilities allow users to exchange files, run polls, and design their own emojis.

4. YouTube new update:

Watch Time: 

The YouTube algorithm gives priority to videos that have received a lot of long-term views. Accordingly, a video with a high view time is more likely to appear in the search results and the recommended videos list.


Engagement is a factor in YouTube's algorithm. As a result, videos with a high number of likes, comments, and shares are a lot more likely to appear in search results and in the section of suggested videos.


Relevance is an indicator feature that the YouTube algorithm will take into consideration. As a result, it is a greater possibility that videos that are appropriate to your interests will appear in the results of a search and in the section under "Recommended Videos."
New social media changes in 2023
New social media changes in 2023

5. Pinterest new update:

Prioritizes New, Recent Pins:

Pinterest gives New, Recent Pins priority. This indicates that users are more likely to view pins that have recently been published.

Prioritizes Pins with the Most Engagement:

Pinterest also gives the most engaging pins top priority. This indicates that user-liked, user-commented, and user-saved pins are more likely to be viewed by other users.

Deprioritizes Pins, Someone is Re pinning too Many Boards:

Pinterest deprioritizes pins if someone is re pinning to too many boards. The platform does this in order to show users pins that are appropriate to their interests.

6. LinkedIn new update:

Redesigned Algorithm:

LinkedIn's algorithm has been updated to give priority to content that is directly related to people's connections and interests.

New capabilities: 

LinkedIn has also updated its algorithm with new features, including a method to track the effectiveness of your posts, as well as the option to see how many individual users have read your articles.


Engagement continues to be a major element when deciding how your content gets ranked on LinkedIn, just like it is on other social media sites.


It's critical for marketers to keep up with the most recent updates to the social media algorithms, since they are continuously changing. Having a solid understanding of how these algorithms work can help you produce content that your intended audience is more likely to read.

Just a handful of the few changes taking place on social media in 2023 are the six algorithm upgrades covered in this article. Keeping an eye on these developments and modifying your marketing approach as necessary can help you stay one step ahead of the competition.

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